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Do you have a child with Autism, Aspergers, Down Syndrome, Williams Syndrome, Prader Willi, Bi-polar, Schizophrenia, Spina bifida, MS, MD, or any other permanent disability?

What kind of plans have you made for your child after you’ve gone?

If you died last night, what will happen to your child?

Are you taking full advantage of all of the government programs, benefits, income tax credits and deductions? 

If you answered no to any these questions, then you need to contact John Dowson dowson@rogers.com or 1 (800) 638-7256 today!
John has also helped hundreds of families since 2005 recover $2.7 Million in taxes they never should have paid..

Heres what can happen !!!
One of the parents from our local support association died. When I met the family I asked her daughter; “what’s happening with Mary, (her daughter with a disability), how’s she coping, is she going to be alright? The woman’s daughter said” You know mom was a great business woman and a detailed planner, when she died all of her legal and business papers were in set out, everything was in order, but she made no plans for Mary, we don’t know what’s going to happen to her we don’t know where she’s going to live, what her needs are, what type of lifestyle mom wanted for Mary. Nothing was planned” She continued, “on my last visit to see her in the hospital she said “you know I always thought Mary would go before I did” now my brother and me don’t know where to turn” 
Will this happen to your child?

We can help?

We will work closely with you and your family to plan and prepare all of the proper documentation needed to ensure your child's future lis secured.

We will help you to learn about all of the social and financial benefits your child is entitled to receive from the government. You will learn about tax credits, deductions, medical expenses and the Registered Disability savings plan for people with a disability. Knowing this information helps you educate your child’s caregiver’s on the regulations so they don’t jeopardize your child’s social benefits.

We will help you write a letter of intent for your child’s future caregivers. Everything they should  know about your child, their needs, wants, and special foods, how they take medication, their social activities, their special friends and all the things you know about your child. Everything you know about your child will die with you unless you pass this on to your child’s future caregivers..

We will help you to calculate the monthly cost for all of the little extras you’re currently paying for your child's lifestyle. We'll work out the net value of your estate and see if you have enough money to continue paying for your child’s current lifestyle after you've gone..

We will  help you  put your strategy into a legal plan with wills and a Henson trust agreement to ensure your child’s government benefits are not jeopardize after you've gone. We will refer you to  lawyers who have experience in the special needs field 

Just imagine what your child’s future life could be when you make the right plans!
Contact John Dowson today!
(800) 638-7256

We Have Programs and Plans That Will Help You. We're not experimenting we've been helping families since 1988

John Dowson,
Ch lp Executive Director

John is the Executive Director and founder of LifeTRUST Planning. He is the author of “Lifetime Security Planning Kit” a do-it-yourself future planning guide that shows parents how to prepare a future life plan for their child, and“Just Imagine” a simple planning guide. 
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John Dowson's Contact Information:
email: dowson@rogers.com
Phone: (800) 638-7256

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We would like to express our appreciation of the work that John Dowson of LifeTRUST Planning has done for our family. Mr. Dowson’s expertise would make him a valuable resource to individuals or organizations seeking guidance in this often complex area.
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It’s not about people with disabilities, it’s about their future
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