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Special Needs Planning for People with a disability since 1989

“One of the greatest illusions in the estate planning field today is that the average family can guarantee a bright financial future for a child with a disability simply by preparing a will and a discretionary trust”


Richard W Fee MA, E. Ed  Founder of the “National Lifetime Assistance Centers Inc.”


Special Needs planning for child with a disability is more than just preparing a legal document and leaving your child some money. It’s similar to the planning a young family with a child would do when they are preparing for a night out. They’d find someone they could trust to look after their child while they were out. They’d describe their child’s special wants, likes, needs and bedtime to their child’s babysitter. And after they left, all kinds of questions and doubts would be on their minds until they returned home to find everything was all right.


Special Needs Life Planning for a child with special needs is just like the planning parents do for their child when they are going out for the evening, only this time when they leave they’re not coming back. Parents need to plan everything down to the very last detail: because they’re not going to be there to fix their plan is anything goes wrong.  The most important question that’s on parents mind is:  


  • Where will your child live?

  • What kind of lifestyle will your child have?

  • Will your child end up in a Long Term Care facility with people who have mental disabilities?

  • Will your child be forced to eke out a living with food banks and homeless shelters?

  • Will your child have enough money to buy, shoes, a winter coat, a suit or a nice dress?

  • Will your child have money for social or recreational activities?

  • Will your child have money to buy all those little things that make life just a little bit nicer?

Today people with a disability live in the community and they need financial help.

The four essentials of special needs planning for a child with a disability are:

  • Know your government’s benefits and entitlements

  • Prepare a lifetime lifestyle plan and budget

  • Prepare a lifetime financial plan to fund your child’s lifestyle plan

  • Prepare a lifetime legal plan to ensure your child’s lifestyle plan remains in place for life

Everything you wanted to know about special needs planning is right here !  We've been helping  families since 1989.

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