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This one and a half hour seminar is designed to educate parents and relatives of a person with a disability on the future life planning process.


  •  You will learn about government benefits and regulations and how they affect people with disabilities.

  •  Income tax credits and exemptions, Disability Tax credit.

  •  Registered Disability Savings Plan

  •  How you can utilize government benefits to enhance your child’s future lifestyle,

  •  How to cost out your child’s future supplemental needs.   

  •  How to develop a lifestyle plan, a lifetime financial needs plan, will planning, trusts and their use and the Discretionary  Trust, legal empowerment and much more.


Who should attend:

Parents, guardians, relatives, professionals and support workers will find this seminar an invaluable resource.
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The Four Cornerstones of a LifeTime Security Plan Seminar

Government Benefits, disability related Tax Credits and Deductions;

  • Lifetime Lifestyle needs

  • Lifetime Financial needs

  • Lifetime legal directives, Wills, Trusts and

  • Estate Planning considerations


This seminar has been especially designed for financial advisors . Attendees will learn about the special financial and estate planning techniques necessary to develop a future life plan for people with a disability, without affecting their entitlement to government benefits. Topics include government benefits and services, government regulations, Registered Disability Savings Plan, Disability tax credits, deductions and exemptions, lifetime lifestyle planning, the costs of supplemental services, specialized lifetime financial needs planning, Canada Revenue Agency rules on the rollover of registered funds and pensions, LifeTRUST the Living Legacy, the use of discretionary trusts, how to select a trustee and guardian and supplementary needs trusts. Actual case studies are used to analyze the financial and estate planning process.


The seminar qualifies for CE Credits. 


Who should attend;

Financial Advisors, Life insurance brokers, lawyers, accountants and estate planners.

This seminar is an ideal education seminar for Insurance and Financial Agencies.


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