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Simple Will:

For a Person with a Disability


Should people with a disability have a will?  A will is a legal document that will guide people to carry out the wishes of the individual about their estate. The individual making the will must understand the nature of the will, is aware of the nature of their property and what they will be giving under the will.


An individual with a disability may have substantial assets in their Registered Disability Savings Program (RDSP), money in their bank account and personal belongings. Who should receive these assets and belongings? A Lawyer may ask the individual, is there is anyone they might want to have the money from their RDSP and their personal belongings and certain gifts? If the individual has a simple understanding about this the individual may be capable of making their own will. The individual may have a spouse, children or siblings that he/she may want to bequeath to them. A will is necessary to prevent the individual’s estate from being distributed according to the terms of their government’s legislation.


This simple will for an individual with a disability, contains a declaration which must be signed by two witnesses and includes the witnesses complete address.


Supplemental Information Record

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