Want to get back taxes you never should have paid?

May 1, 2013


If you are a parent or relative of a person with a disability you may be entitled to a substantial income tax cash refund! 


We have helped families recover thousands of dollars in taxes they never should have paid!


Families have received refund cheques of $50,000,$24,000, $17,000, $11,000, or more


If you answer yes to these questions you may qualify for a income tax refund!

1. Do you have a family member of relative with a disability?

2. Do you support or help your family member or relative with a disability?

3. Do you earn more than $15,000 a year?


If you answer "yes" you are paying too much income tax. To claim your refund click here NOW!! or call 1 877 (DTC) 382-1986 do it now don't delay


We get Results:

A family of three children with a disability recovered over $50,000, and they are now saving $4,800 a year in taxes

A single mother received a $21,0000 refund and she's now saving $1,200 a year

A widowed mother had claimed her
daughter who lived with her at home.
When she moved out she was told
that she wasn’t eligible to claim the disability tax credit because her daughter no longer lived with her.


We helped her receive a cash refund of over $9,000; and she's saving $1,200 a year .




Don't forget to claim Medical Expenses


We helped a family claim Medical Expenses for weekly trips to his son's group home (300km return). He recieved a cash refund for the kilometres he had travelled and the tax department sent him forms to claim the excise gasoline tax credit. He now logs all his medical trips over 45km one way and also claims parking fees and meals.


To find out if your entitled to a cash refund email us CLICK HERE


Don't judge those who try and fail, judge those who fail to try 


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