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Why not book a Disability Tax clinic for your group?

Many families only have a vague concept of the federal government benefits they are entitled to claim. Most have never heard of the Disability Tax Credit and if they have, they're unaware that they can back file to recover income taxes they never should have paid. All to often they have been told by well meaning friends and professionals that their child or relative won't qualify for the benefit.

A free Disability Tax Clinic will examine the essentials and benefits of claiming the Disability Tax Credit and show families how to get back tax money they never should have paid. Families of a person with a disability will learn about the qualification and assessment process, the refund limitations, the medical documentation and details about the Medical Expense Tax Credit.

Families and Caregivers will learn how:

- To re-assess their income tax returns and claim back taxes

- To claim the caregiver amount - To claim the Medical Expense Tax Credit - To claim the Excise Gasoline Tax Refund

- To claim the Ontario Government Property Tax Relief for a modified home.

To book a Disability Tax Clinic for your parent group

CONTACT US or call our Disability Tax Specialist at 1 877 DTC (382) 1986.

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