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RDSP Centre's Breakthrough

RDSP Centre's Breakthrough in the “Registered Disability Savings Plan”

The prestigious RDSP Centre has announced a breakthrough in the “Registered Disability Savings Plan”

that will now greatly assist the many Canadians living with disabilities, with no prospect of owning a

“Registered Disability Savings Plan”.

They are being left behind by the ‘system. However there is immediate hope for them thanks to a

breakthrough in the Federal Government’s Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP).

Don't let your child be left behind.

The intent of the RDSP was to allow people with a disability to live out their lives in dignity

and self-respect in place of eking out a living with food banks, homeless shelters and generally

living hand-to-mouth.

Complex compliance and administrative procedures have deprived people with disabilities the

opportunity to share in the millions of dollars the Federal government has set aside to secure

their future financial security.

This has all now changed thanks to the “The RDSP Centre’s” Registered Disability Savings Plan

that ensures that people with a disability will no longer be deemed not-qualified to hold their own

RDSP. This is momentous news for people with living with disabilities!

In 2017 RDSP Centre partnered with LifeTRUST Planning and a National trust company to create

an RDSP that everyone can own. The RDSP Centre seeks to strengthen the ability of Canadians

with disabilities to save for their financial future.

The pivotal LifeTRUST Planning is working with The RDSP Centre to increase the level of

Participation among Canadians with disabilities in the federal government’s Registered Disability

Savings Plan by helping them qualify for the Disability Tax Certificate.

And take note, not all financial institutions will provide a Disability Tax Certificate. LifeTRUST

Planning has come to the rescue of millions of Canadians living with a disability!

If you or someone you know, would like more information on this momentous plan – that will change

the lives of Canadians with disabilities – call 1 800 638-7256 or email – today if not sooner!

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