Carry Forward grants for a RDSP

Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) Holder

The holder of the RDSP can be your child or the parents.

  • Contributions into an RDSP will attract a Canada disability savings grant of 300% on an annual contribution of up to $500.00 for 20 years or up to age 49.

  • Contributions into an RDSP will attract a Canada disability savings grant of 200% on the next an annual contribution of up to $1000.00 for 20 years or up to age 49.

Canada Savings Grants

Initial contribution $ 500

Canada Disability savings grant @ 300% $1,500

Total deposit $2,000

Additional contribution $1,000

Canada Disability savings grant @ 200% $2,000

Total deposit $3,000

Total annual contribution $1,500

Maximum Canada disability savings grant $3.500

Total RDSP deposit $5,000

The RDSP was initiated by 2008. Individuals who were eligible for the RDSP in 2008 but did not join the plan can purchase grants for the years under the “carry forward” program initiated in the 2011 federal budget. If the person has qualified for the Disability Tax Credit they will be eligible for the Carry Forward grant program from the year 2008

Grants and bonds will be paid on unused entitlements, up to an annual maximum of:

  • $10.500 for grants and

  • $11,000 for bonds.

Q. How much should you contribute to get the most carry forward grant?

If the person is considered in the low-income category for the years 2008 to present and no prior contributions were made, the contribution that elicits the largest grant will be $4,250. If the person is not considered low-income for all those years and no contributions were made, the contribution would be $4,000.


As carry forward entitlements are awarded in order of the best matching rate available and the oldest entitlement, a contribution of $4,250 before December 31 would have entitlement room calculated in the following way:

  • in 2008,2009,2010,2011 a $2,000 contribution ($500 for each year for 4 years @ 300%) would earn a $6,000 grant,

  • in 2008,2009: a $2000 contribution ($1,000 for each year for 2 years @200% would earn a $4,000 grant

The total grant would be $10,000.

The maximum annual carry forward grant limit is $10,500 and in the current year the last $250 of the contribution would be @ 200% earning a $500 grant for a total grant of $10,500, which is the annual maximum carry forward grant.

Canada Disability Savings Bonds.

In addition as long as the individual’s taxable income is below the annual threshold the beneficiary will be entitled to a $1,000 annual Canada disability savings bond for the years 2008-2009-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17. Assuming the taxable income is below the threshold in those years they will be entitled to $10,000 in Canada disability savings bonds thereby increasing the total deposits into her RDSP to $24,750

This summary of the carry forward grants and contributions does not include investment returns.

The grants and bonds are guaranteed by the Canadian government.

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